Horticulture- Plants and Planting Information

(plant ID) Horticopia On-line Plant Info
Plant ID database with images
(plant ID) Native Plants of South Texas
Developed by the Texas A&M Research and Extension Center in Uvalde, Texas.
(plant ID) Patuxent Plant List
The herbarium presently contains over a thousand collections of pressed, dried plant specimens that were gathered on the refuge during early plant surveys undertaken after the creation of the refuge. The first preliminary plant survey was conducted by Nei
(plant ID) Plants Database
The USDA and NRCS PLANTS Database provides standardized information about the plants of the US and its territories. It includes names, distribution, species abstracts, characteristics, images and much more.
(plant ID) Vascular Plant Image Library
Digital Flora of Texas
** Fertilizer Calculator **
Texas A&M Turf Program computes the amount of fertlizer your lawn needs. Simply input your soil sample numbers.
Aggie Horticulture
Welcomoe to the information server of the Texas Horticulture Program, the combined information resources of the teaching, research and extension program at the Texas A&M university System.
Aggie Horticulture Publications
Hosted by Texas A&M University’s Department of Horticulture Sciences this site provides downloadable publications and fact sheets on a number of plant related topics.
Aggie Turf
Turfgrass management info for the homeowners and golf course superintendent alike. Includes grass and weed ID, fertilizer rate calculator, info for insects, disease and weed control and the care and maintenance of turf.
This web site was designed to help pond owners and their advisors in the identification and management of aquatic vegetation. Photos and line-drawings are provided for proper plant ID. Management options include mechanical, biological and chemical.
Composting Resources
Aggie-horticulture site which includes information on: Don’t Bag It Leaf Management ; Composting for Kids; Composting and Solid Waste Management.
Fertilizer Calculator
Calculate how much fertilizer to use
Chemical and Pharmaceutical Press, Inc. compiles pesticide product information (labels, supplemental labels, and MSDSs) provided directly by the pesticide companies in an unbiased presentation.
How to Prune Trees
Prepared by the Forest Service this is an illustrated step by step guide to the how and why of successful tree trimming.
National Pesticide Information Center
NPIC serves as an excellent resource for unbiased scientific information related to a variety of pesticide-related topics and is a cooperative effort of the Dept of Environmental & Molecular Toxicology @ Oregon St Univ & the Office of Pesticide Programs a
Organic Lifestyles
Texas A&M University’s website which focuses on the safe and continued use of organic practices and products in the urban landscape. Information is based on research at Texas A&M University, or other universities and peer respected entities.
Palms with Potential for South Texas
Hosted by the Palm Society of South Texas the purpose of this article is to familiarize the southern Texas palm lover with species which the authors feel are underutilized or nearly unknown in the region but deserve either greater exposure and/or trial. T
PLANTanswer Publications
Website of Texas A&M Universities Horticulture Department containing publications on recommended plants, variety trials, growing information, gardening guides and a Uniquely Texas section as well.
Rose Propagation
Aggie horticulture publication on the steps of successful rose propagation
Safe Lawns dot Org
Welcome to SafeLawns.org, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting natural lawn care. A key feature of this site is weekly How-To video clips hosted by HGTV host Paul Tukey, the 2006 Gardening Communicator of the Year and author of The Organic Law
Texas Forest Service
Providing statewide leadership to assure the state’s forest, tree and related natural resources are wisely used, nurtured, protected and perpetuated for the benefit of all Texans.
Texas Native Shrubs
The Texas Natives Web site was created by Gail Kahle, Susan Teegardin, Wayne Mackay and Dan Lineberger, Texas A&M Agriculture Program, and Leslie Finical, Dallas Arboretum. Partial funding for this effort was provided by a grant from the Native Plant Soci
Texas Native Trees Database
The Texas Natives Web site was created by Wayne Mackay and Dan Lineberger, Texas A&M Agriculture Program, and Leslie Finical, Dallas Arboretum. This page will allow you to search Benny Simpson’s database of information and photos of Texas native plants.
Texas Tree Planting Guide
The quickest way to find the best tree(s) for your yard or customize your search to find the best tree(s) for your yard, as well as, Tools to help you buy, plant and care for your new tree.
Tree Decay – An Expanded Concept
Publication designed to clarify the tree decay concept written by the US Forest Service.
Water Smart
Water conserving, non-polluting, and low maintenance landscaping just right for the Gulf Coast area.
Yards and Neighbors Program

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